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Make Your Own Bath Bomb Kit


A full bath bomb kit that comes with everything you need to make 9-12 bath bombs 

Be sure to use drop down menus to select your Fragrance, Colour & Mould

Kit comes with written instructions and a link to the video is below

*Please be aware that at this stage the kits are yet to be tested in Far Nth Queensland, Northern Western Australia and Northern Territory where humidity will play a big part in the success or failure of the mix. We would recommend you wait until we have tested and approved for use in those areas before buying if you live in those areas. 
**Please be aware that mix can splatter so take extra care to cover all surfaces or perhaps make in an undercover outdoor area. If you get any where it shouldn’t be use a quality cream cleanser on a wet soft cloth to clean up.

Kit contains:

Dry Mix Part A: Citric Acid

Dry Mix Part B: Bicarbonate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate 

Wet Mix 1: Aqua, Fragrance & Mineral Oil

Wet Mix 2: Polysorbate 80

1x Jar Colourant

1x Pair of Gloves 

1x Mask Adults N95 1x Kids (Printed)N94

1x 3D Printed TMK Moulds bath bomb mould

Instructional video:

Additional moulds can be found in our Bath Bomb Moulds collection of website