Custom Soap Stamp 70mm x 70mm or 2.75” x 2.75”

Custom Soap Stamp 70mm x 70mm or 2.75” x 2.75”

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Soap Stamps are all below measurement standard. I can make them smaller I’m some cases or larger but that will depend on design. 

70mm x 70mm or 2.75” x 2.75” 

We need a clear crisp black on white image of your logo. Simple work the best. Knowing the font if the letters are close together is a huge bonus also. 

*We do not design logos so please have your own ready. 

**I will print the design you send me with any alterations I feel might be needed to create a working soap stamp however if after all efforts it doesn’t stamp properly I take no responsibility so please be sure to send an uncomplicated image. I can only do my best with what you send through. 
Please PM me the image and any instructions via Facebook messenger, we do not use email.

TMK Moulds Soap Stamps are designed to be used by dipping into a small amount of bicarbonate or mica before stamping to stop soap from clogging the stamp. 



Wash in cool soapy water only, so not use heat or chemicals contrary to recommended uses

Store flat or hanging using the provided loop

Keep away from direct heat sources 

Genuine high quality bath bomb moulds and Perma-Stencils printed at highest resolution and 40% infill to withstand tough use. 

Moulds and Perma-Stencils are printed around the clock and processed ready for post within 3 working days (we reserve weekends for test/new print and design) unless we advise otherwise personally. 

All products are tested at my shop with the rear ingredients you will use and my 11yrs experience in the bath and body industry 

Colours may vary to photo shown 

*We do not teach others how to make bath bombs or supply recipes. we just test test test and make sure each and each very mould works properly before sale.